Margaritas are at the heart of every great fiesta! Fruity, tangy and always a crowd pleaser. Impress your party guests with a margarita bar, giving everyone a taste of what they love plus something new!

3-ounces silver tequila

2-ounces Triple Sec
1-ounce lime juice (freshly squeezed is always better)
Kosher salt
Lime, cut wedge for garnish

Pour salt on a small plate, enough to cover it. Rub a lime slice on the rim of an 8-ounce glass and rotate the rim in the salt to coat the outside. Fill the glass with ice and place in the freezer.

Add tequila, Triple Sec and lime juice to cocktail shaker. Fill the shaker halfway with ice.

Shake vigorously until the outside becomes frosty. Strain into the chilled glass and garnish with a lime wedge.

Bottoms up!

18-ounces silver tequila (or a bit more, we don’t judge)

12-ounces Triple Sec
6-ounces lime juice (that’s about 6 big-sized limes)
Kosher salt
Lime, cut wedges for garnish

Prepare 6 glasses with kosher salt on the rims. Place glasses in freezer (while you wait for your guests to arrive).

Add tequila, Triple Sec and lime juice to a blender. Add ice to fill the rest of the blender. Use “Stir” setting on blender until ingredients incorporate. (Note: You can choose to leave the ice in chunks or blend it even further for icier margaritas.)

When your amigos arrive, pour everyone a glass and garnish with lime. Party on!

Apple Cider

Replace lime juice with apple cider (or apple juice) and add a pinch of brown sugar. Garnish with a lime slice and apple slice.

Add 2-ounces of cranberry juice to your favorite margarita recipe and replace half of the ice with frozen cranberries.

Add 1 or 2-ounces of fresh peach puree to the original recipe.


Replace ice with frozen pineapple and blend into a puree. Garnish with slices of pineapple and lime.

Use raspberry liquor instead of Triple Sec and replace half of the ice with frozen raspberries. Garnish with slices of orange and lime.



Replace ice with frozen strawberries and blend into a puree. Garnish with a strawberry slice.

Add 1-ounce of watermelon puree to your favorite margarita recipe for a fruity twist. Make it a Smokey Watermelon Margarita by adding a muddled jalapeño pepper.


Replace triple sec with Curaçao, a blue colored liqueur that tastes similar to triple sec.

Mix up a basic margarita and serve with an upside-down Mexican beer in the glass. Best enjoyed with a Corona or Dos Equis.

El Necio (Martini)
Substitute triple sec for vermouth and serve with no ice to resemble a traditional Martini.

Mango Mint

Replace ice with frozen mango and blend into a puree. Put muddled mint leaves in the bottom of the glass and pour margarita mixture into glass.

Prickly Pear
Use 1-ounce of triple sec and add 2-ounces of prickly pear syrup. Coat rim in salt or sugar, depending on your taste.


Switch up your favorite margarita recipe by adding a splash of club soda.

Add a healthy splash of orange juice.